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April 19, 2024

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You know I’m all for in-home sessions, but if you want a studio newborn session, I have the location for you! This was my first time photographing here. When I walked into The Studio Hampton Road’s Suffolk, Virginia location, I was impressed! The light, the styling, the attention to detail they have put into the studio is all stunning. 

I can’t get over these newborn days! The little noises. The fluttering eyes. The reaching hands figuring out how to move. The newborn scrunch!! And the safety and comfort they have when they are with their parents. I know that life is like a blur of practical tasks – feedings and diapers and spit up and sleep deprivation. But one day, when you’re hopefully a little more well rested, you’re going to look back and see all the magic. And my goal, as a Virginia Beach photographer, is to give you tangible evidence to look back on. 

I love the way an in-home session documents your current life and the place that you are making so many significant memories. But! That might not be the best option for everyone. If it stresses you out to think about a photo session in your home, a studio can be a good option for you instead. I love that The Studio Hampton Road feels kind of like home with the bed and the couch set up. You can still get a cozy feel without having to stress about getting your home ready for your session. And you can’t beat the bright, natural light in the space. It’s a photographer’s dream! 

When it comes down to it, whether you love the idea of capturing your life at home or you prefer a studio newborn session, our goal is still the same: capture those precious and fleeting moments you welcomed your baby into the world.  There is simply nothing better than preserving these memories for you to look back on later! 

infant is cradled in parents hands during studio newborn session
tiny baby toe details by Virginia Beach photographer
baby's hand holds mom's finger by Nikki Meer Photography
infant lays on neutral blankets during studio newborn session
dad cradles baby in front of bright studio window by Virginia Beach photographer
son yawns as dad holds him by Nikki Meer Photography
dad touches noses with son at studio newborn session
new parents hold and smile at baby by Virginia Beach photographer
parents look at her son while sitting on bed by Nikki Meer Photography
new mom snuggles and kisses her son during studio newborn session
baby sleeps on mom's chest by Virginia Beach photographer
mother looks down at sleeping baby resting on her chest by Nikki Meer Photography
man wraps his arms around woman as she holds son at studio newborn session
baby is cradled by parents' hands by Virginia Beach photographer
woman wearing blue dress sits on white couch holding her new son by Nikki Meer Photography
man sits on couch holding son while mom smiles at him at studio newborn session
mom and dad reach out to touch new baby as he sleeps on blanket by Virginia Beach photographer
parents smile at each other as they hold their son by Nikki Meer Photography
dad wraps his arms around mom as she holds their son during studio newborn session
new mama holds baby against her chest as she sits in blue chair by Virginia Beach photographer
mom sits on the floor cradling son in her lap by Nikki Meer Photography

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