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When I have a camera in my hand, a sense of calmness and perspective washes over me. My style, like most, is always evolving. But the key piece of why I create is constant. I get to see others in a way that they don’t see themselves. What a privilege.  

With advances in technology, you can get some pretty great pictures on your phone. There’s no doubt about it. When you hire a photographer and let someone see you in a different light there is magic in that.  

I want your photographs to feel like art and be cherished. If I had to put words to my style, I would say it’s more documentary. I love the in-between simple, raw moments. The stroke of a mom’s hand on her baby’s hair, the side glance smile a wife gives to her husband, or the way a toddler runs.  

I’m a fan of photos that look like film and a sucker for black and whites. Sometimes I will mesh photos of people and nature together.  

Nikki did amazing capturing our sweet Vivi! Even as sleep deprived as I am she made me feel gorgeous!

- lindsay s

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