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April 5, 2024

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This was an extra special beach family session. I did their maternity photos at this same location. We went back, but this time with their adorable one-year-old in tow! 

I’m all about unposed, candid moments, genuine giggles, and authentic connections. Your time with me is focused on capturing the incredible bond that you share with those closest to you. When you look back in twenty years, I want you to feel what it was like to be in that moment and to remember what it was like when your kids were in that stage. 

When little ones are involved, it’s all about making the experience fun and engaging. We keep things moving so they don’t have a chance to get bored during our session. I love to play little games and be a little silly with them to keep them engaged. Letting kids be themselves helps us to get the best pictures. And encouraging laughter and having fun makes sure we get photos that reflect their sweet personality. 

I don’t want you to ever feel pressure about having perfectly behaved children or needing to be perfectly posed during your session. The best thing you can do is plan to show up and have fun with your kids and your family. Truly, these are the times we get the very best photos. The connection you have with your kids will be so evident when you are playing and cuddling them. These are the sweet memories that you will want to look back on when they are grown. 

This was a cold day, but nothing a few layers couldn’t handle. We bundled up the little one toward the end to keep her cozy and warm. The extra snuggles with mom and dad didn’t hurt either! It made for some seriously adorable moments. 

You know that I am a big fan of keeping outfits neutral during family sessions. Their choice of neutral clothing went great with the beach. It wasn’t distracting and allowed them to shine in the beautiful location.  

As a Virginia Beach photographer, my goal for your beach family session is simple: capture the magic of the moment. I want these photos to transport you back to this day, to remind you of the joy, the love, and the laughter shared with your little ones. Because in 20 years, you’ll want to remember those chubby hands, those belly laughs, and those messy kisses. 

parents look at toddler during beach family session
parents hold baby up in the air by Virginia Beach photographer
woman grins holding baby by Nikki Meer Photography
mom snuggles toddler as sun shines on them during beach family session
father holds baby girl on his shoulders by Virginia Beach photographer
couple kisses while holding their child by Nikki Meer Photography
dad leans over holding toddler while nose to nose with her during beach family session
parents and child sit on blanket snuggled together by Virginia Beach photographer
man and woman hold daughter between them by Nikki Meer Photography
mom hugs toddler in warm blanket during beach family session
baby girl looks up as her parents look at her by Virginia Beach photographer
man and woman hold hands walking through brown grass with child by Nikki Meer Photography
dad holds toddler in front of him facing out during beach family session
couple holds hands by Virginia Beach photographer
parents grin at baby girl by Nikki Meer Photography
mom walks along sand holding toddler wearing a long coat during beach family session
parents walk on sand together holding baby by Virginia Beach photographer
man and woman run toward waves while holding hands and their baby by Nikki Meer Photography

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