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March 29, 2024

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A few months ago, I got to photograph this mama’s maternity session as she awaited the arrival of her new little one. It is such a special experience to be able to return and photograph their family after they have welcomed their second baby boy during this heartwarming in-home newborn session.  

Being invited into my clients’ homes is one of the biggest honors. From the moment I stepped into their home, I felt comfortable and relaxed. They made me feel right at home, even while caring for their newborn baby. Their space is so homey and eclectic, making it a great reflection of them. 

That’s what makes an in-home session so special. Not only are you capturing the precious memories of the first days with your new baby, but you’re also capturing the space where you share those memories. I always imagine my clients looking back in 20 years, and I want them to feel what it was like in those moments we documented. Every nursery, house, and family has a unique story to tell.  

This family was so easygoing and fun to photograph. They embraced the chaos of newborn life and toddler wrangling with grace and laughter. Their oldest son added an extra layer of joy to the session with his playful nature and love for his new sibling. He played a lot with his dad and shared the sweetest moments with his mom. These are the memories that I know they will want to look back on as they remember these first fleeting days as a family of four. 

One of the things that I love about photographing a heartwarming in-home newborn session is the reminder of the beauty found in everyday moments. They often pass by quickly without our taking notice, but I love that we are intentionally documenting them to cherish. Thank you to this sweet family for trusting me to help them make memories together that I hope will last a lifetime. 

infant sleeps on white blanket during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session
dad holds baby while mom holds older brother in her lap by Virginia Beach photographer
parents hold sons as they smile at each other by Nikki Meer Photography
dad plays with sons during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session
mom rests baby on her knees in front of window by Virginia Beach photographer
mama holds baby's hand as he smiles by Nikki Meer Photography
parents hold sons during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session
dad and mom look down at baby as he sleeps by Virginia Beach photographer
baby rests head on mom's shoulder as he sleeps by Nikki Meer Photography
mother snuggles infant during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session
dad holds new son in his arms by Virginia Beach photographer
toddler plays with his mother on the floor while father holds baby by Nikki Meer Photography
family gathers together on the couch during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session
mom nurses baby while toddler plays nearby by Virginia Beach photographer
mother reads a book to two sons by Nikki Meer Photography
mother holds infant in her lap in colorful corner during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session
big brother lays by his new sibling on his parents bed by Nikki Meer Photography
tiny details of hands, ears, and face captured during Heartwarming In-Home Newborn Session

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