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August 28, 2023

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A and M’s cozy wooded maternity session was filled with excitement and love. They were eagerly awaiting the birth of their second baby boy, and I am so honored that they asked me to help capture this unique time in their lives. The woods in Smithfield, Virginia were the perfect backdrop to document their bond as a family and the anticipation of welcoming a new baby. 

Maternity sessions are a great way to document both the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in your life. Keep reading for some tips to think about as you plan your shoot. 

Growing Family 

You have a lot of options when planning your photo shoot. Some moms-to-be want to focus on documenting their growing, changing body. Others want to include a partner or their family to document their relationships and excitement as a couple or a family. 

Capturing Anticipation 

A big part of our session is to capture the anticipation of welcoming a new baby. This is such an exciting time for you and your family. Pregnancy, while it can feel like it will never end, is such a short time in your life. 

What to Wear 

I am always going to tell you to keep it comfortable when choosing your outfit for a shoot. We are going to get the best pictures, and you are going to feel your best when you are comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. 

When planning outfits for the whole family, consider focusing on coordinating looks rather than having everyone wear matching outfits. A and M chose looks that complemented each other and looked great in their location without wearing perfectly matching outfits with each other and their son. Especially if you are including children, remember that comfort is so important! 


There are so many options for the location of your session. We can shoot in the comfort of your home, in a traditional studio session, or outside in the beauty of nature. The location you choose is often reflective of your style and life. 

Mom and Kids

One thing I really like to focus on is mom’s connection with other kids. These are some of the most special and precious memories to capture.  

As a Virginia Lifestyle photographer, I want to help you create an experience that documents your journey into motherhood (or your continued journey!) authentically, capturing the connections you share with those most important to you. A and M’s maternity session reflected the intimate connection they share and symbolized the love that expands as each new family member is welcomed. I would love to help you document these cherished moments during this remarkable chapter in your life!

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