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January 19, 2024

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I am so excited to share this outdoor maternity session with you today. If you have been around for any time at all, you probably know that I love to capture motherhood and the bond between a mom and her children. This session is so special because it celebrates the arrival of the new little one, and also captures mom’s strong bond with her oldest child. 

Choosing an outdoor location for your session can often give us lots of versatility. If there is an option to get multiple backgrounds for your photos, I will. This gives you lots of variety! Even different areas of the same location can add a lot of visual interest to your images and keep things from feeling too similar. 

Outdoors can also be a really great choice if you have little ones participating in the session. I let them be who they are because I think it’s important to showcase how they interact with you. Their little personalities really shine when I just let them be. I don’t have them sit and smile at the camera because it’s not authentic and won’t give you the best pictures. We play games and laugh together. I am often out of energy at the end of a session from running around with the kids to keep things fun and relaxed. Most of all, I want this to be a fun experience for you and your family! 

This sweet mama shared some precious snuggles with the big sister and some quiet moments with Dad. Your maternity session can focus on you as your body grows and changes, while also capturing your whole family. I love to see the connections each mama has with her kids and her partner.  

If you are a mama-to-be in the Virginia Beach area interested in an outdoor maternity session, let’s connect. Whether you have kids and you want to capture your connection with them before welcoming another, or you are a first-time parent anxiously awaiting your first little one, this is such a special time that I would love to help you capture. Reach out, and let’s plan your next session!

mom to be holds her pregnant belly during Outdoor Maternity Session
daughter hugs her mom by Virginia Beach Photographer 
dad hugs daughter by Nikki Meer Photography
young girl hugs her mom and smiles during Outdoor Maternity Session
family stands closely together by Virginia Beach Photographer 
parents hold hands of child as they walk together by Nikki Meer Photography
pregnant mama holds her belly in tall brown grass as sun streams in by Outdoor Maternity Session
mom and daughter show off shoes together by Virginia Beach Photographer 
couple leans together to touch foreheads as they hold woman's pregnant belly by Nikki Meer Photography
mom-to-be walks down path holding dress during Outdoor Maternity Session
family sits together on dirt path by Virginia Beach Photographer 
young girl smiles as she holds hands with her mom by Nikki Meer Photography
mom to be casts shadow of baby bump on building during Outdoor Maternity Session
family walks together holding hands on sand by Virginia Beach Photographer 
parents dance together on sand as child plays by Nikki Meer Photography
couple holds hands on beach during Outdoor Maternity Session
couple laughs as they walk along sand holding hands by Virginia Beach Photographer 
mom chases child across sand by Nikki Meer Photography
pregnant woman shows off baby bump while sitting in sand on beach during Outdoor Maternity Session
woman shows off pregnant belly as waves break by Virginia Beach Photographer 

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