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December 22, 2023

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Are you searching for inspiration for your fall photo session outfits? Look no further! Kristin and Jeremy’s Shenandoah National Park couple session is just what you need to inspire your next look for your photo session. 

The weekend we scheduled this shoot, it had been raining a lot.  Luckily, the rain held off, and we were able to head up to the mountains to get these great photos. Outdoor shoots can be a little unpredictable sometimes, and you have to be ready to adjust your plans! 

Choosing a mountain location is a great choice because you can get some good variety in your shots. From trees to brush to the incredibly beautiful sky, this shoot had it all. Outdoor photo sessions also feel like an adventure sometimes. The more relaxed we can make things, the more confident you will feel, and the better your photos will turn out! 

I love the choices they made for their outfits. They kept the colors neutral, which I always recommend when you aren’t sure what to wear. The outfits also complemented each other without being overly matchy matchy. Another great choice! They also chose one look that was dressier and another that was more fitting for the mountain location with pants, vests, and boots. Outfits don’t have to be overly complicated in order for you to end up with really great images! 

Here are a few tips for choosing your look for your next fall photo session: 

  1. Layer Up: Fall is all about cozy layers. Throw on a stylish jacket or wrap to add texture and warmth to your look.
  2. Variety is Key: Bring a couple of outfit options. This gives your photos a dynamic feel and allows you to switch up your look during the session.
  3. Choose Comfort: Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. If you feel good, it will show in your photos.
  4. Weather Readiness: Fall weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared for changes by bringing weather-appropriate clothing, like a cozy sweater or a waterproof jacket.
  5. Ask Your Photographer: When in doubt, reach out to me! I love to give helpful tips and make sure you look and feel your best for your photo session. 

As a Virginia Beach photographer, I’m here to turn your vision into reality. Whether you want to capture the coziness of your home or you’re up for an outdoor adventure like this Shenandoah National Park couples session, I’m there to help you capture beautiful memories. If you are ready to connect and plan your next session, reach out, and let’s chat! 

couple sits together on rock overlooking mountains at Shenandoah National Park Couples Session
husband and wife sit looking over mountains by Virginia Beach Photographer
warm sun shines on couple in grassy area by Nikki Meer Photography
man and woman lay together on blanket with hands in air at Shenandoah National Park Couples Session
husband and wife lay on blanket looking at each other by Virginia Beach Photographer
husband and wife kiss leaning against rock by Nikki Meer Photography
man and woman walk through dried grass path together at Shenandoah National Park Couples Session
woman wraps arms around man by Virginia Beach Photographer
couple stands with arms around each other on rock by Nikki Meer Photography
man and woman wrap up in a blanket at Shenandoah National Park Couples Session
husband and wife lean in to kiss in woods by Virginia Beach Photographer
couple stands on hill during blue hour holding hands by Nikki Meer Photography

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