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October 20, 2023

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Sandbridge Beach set the stage for the most heartwarming extended family session. It was all about celebrating family bonds and having a good time.

Extended family sessions are a special way to bring everyone together, spanning generations and showcasing the bonds the family shares. As a Virginia Beach photographer, my goal in any shoot is to capture the bond shared between the people. This shoot was full of fun, laughter, and so much love!

Our session kicked off with group shots, capturing the whole gang together. It was fun to see the way that everyone interacted. This is one of the reasons I love candid shots so much. You can see everyone’s personality and their relationships in the photos!

After we got some shots of the whole group, we focused on each individual family and different groupings. This is where extended family sessions truly shine. It’s about the connections between grandparents and grandchildren, the laughter among cousins, and the love within nuclear families.

I really love the outfits they chose. They stuck with a neutral color palette that fit so well with the beach vibes. Everyone was comfortable, which is so important! Their outfits also showed off a little bit of their different personalities.

What truly made this session memorable was the laid-back energy. It was truly like I was hanging out with a family having fun together on the beach, and I got to capture it all. The kids were given the freedom to be themselves, resulting in candid moments filled with laughter and playful mischief. These unscripted, unfiltered moments were the heart of the family dynamic. I treasure the privilege of freezing these authentic connections and capturing the love and laughter that define a family to create timeless memories.

Extended family sessions like these remind us of the enduring power of togetherness. I’m honored to have been part of this beautiful day. Here’s to the laughter, love, and countless memories that were made.

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