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March 15, 2024

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Capturing memories doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult with a studio family session. This sweet photo shoot with a mama and her two young children is proof that we can get great images even when we keep things simple and easy. 

This mom reached out because she wanted to celebrate her children’s birthdays that are really close together. A photo session is a great way to celebrate how your children are growing and changing as they enter a new year of life! She also wanted to have some photos with them as well. I am there whenever I hear a mom wants to be in the pictures with her kids! Not only do I love to capture the bond between moms and their children as a Virginia Beach photographer, but moms often find themselves being the ones taking the pictures. I take every opportunity I can to help document memories with moms in the picture with their families and kids. 

The goal was to keep things simple, which is always a great plan with two little ones running around. We added delicate little touches to the space at Studio Muse in Norfolk, Virginia, with neutral balloons, a whimsical banner, and a delightful smash cake. The clean lines in the studio kept the focus on the kids and their mom. During our session, the kids were running around, but that added to documenting their little personalities. 

One of my biggest goals as your photographer is to capture the moments as they present themselves. I often ask my clients what they would like to remember about their kids or this session in 20 years. They never say that they want to see perfectly posed children. It’s always that they want to remember cubby hands and feet, goofy grins, belly laughs, or sloppy kisses. In the moment photography, where we allow kids to be who they are and run around or play with their parents, helps us to get those memories I know they will cherish.

There was no pressure for this session. It was just a couple of kids having fun in a new space with their mama. We got some really great moments showcasing the bond the kids have with their mom and each other. Even with the simplest backdrop and plan, you can get some incredible photos of you and your kids during a studio family session. 

toddler holds onto mom's skirt as brother crawls on the floor during studio family session
siblings sit together on floor by Virginia Beach photographer
baby boy stands and tries to walk by Nikki Meer Photography
toddler giggles as she sits on the floor during studio family session
mother kneels next to daughter in yellow chair by Virginia Beach photographer
mom and daughter giggle together by Nikki Meer Photography
baby boy holds balloon as sister reaches for it during studio family session
baby boy sits holding balloon to celebrate his first birthday by Virginia Beach photographer
woman sits holding baby boy by Nikki Meer Photography
mom sits on couch with two young children during studio family session
woman holds baby on orange couch by Virginia Beach photographer
little girl grins as she is carried on her mother's back by Nikki Meer Photography
mother holds daughter close as she laughs during studio family session
details of baby boy's fingers and toes by Nikki Meer Photography
children hold balloons casting shadows on the pavement by Virginia Beach photographer
toddler holds a gold foil number 2 balloon at studio family session
mother hugs young child close by Nikki Meer Photography
toddler girl stands near cake stand and gently touches frosting on cake by Virginia Beach photographer
boy eats a smash cake sitting on the floor during studio family session

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