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February 23, 2024

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There is something so special about first-time parents welcoming their first baby. This Cohoon Creek House newborn session featured new parents who are over the moon about their new addition. As a Virginia Beach photographer, I believe in capturing the beauty and excitement of this special time as you welcome your new baby into your family. 

During this session, Mom opted to wear the same outfit she chose for her maternity photos. This is such a special touch that makes the pictures even more special. It created a beautiful sense of continuity and connection between the two sessions. It’s always heartwarming to see moms embracing their journey into motherhood with such grace and confidence. 

As we spent time together, we delved into conversations about the joys and challenges of becoming first-time parents. I love connecting with families and hearing about their experiences, especially from first-time mamas. There’s something truly special about witnessing the transition into parenthood and sharing in the excitement of this new chapter.

Throughout the session, I couldn’t help but feel the palpable love and connection between this family. It was evident in every smile, every tender touch, and every moment shared. Watching them marvel over the new life they created was truly touching – a testament to the profound joy and love that comes with parenthood.

My focus during these sessions is always to highlight the love and connections between you and your family. It wasn’t hard to do at all with this sweet family. Their joy and excitement over their new baby were so evident. It was so clear that they have already created such a strong connection. I am so happy to document their journey into parenthood and capture these first moments of life as a family of three. I hope when they look back in 20 years, they are flooded with all the feelings they had at their Cohoon Creek House newborn session.

baby sleeps in dad's lap by Nikki Meer Photography
baby wrapped in woven blanket during Cohoon Creek House Newborn Session
tiny toes, arm creases, and face close up by Virginia Beach photographer
mother cradles infant in arms by Nikki Meer Photography
dad touches noses with new son at Cohoon Creek House Newborn Session
boy swaddled in blue blanket by Virginia Beach photographer
parents kiss as they hold new arrival by Virginia Beach photographer
mother lays next to infant on bed by Nikki Meer Photography
new parents snuggle infant
parents snuggle son by Virginia Beach photographer
mom sits on couch with new baby at Cohoon Creek House Newborn Session
parents kiss son's head by Nikki Meer Photography
tiny toes peek out of blanket at Cohoon Creek House Newborn Session
baby rests in parents' lap by Nikki Meer Photography
mother holds infant close to herself by Virginia Beach photographer

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