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January 5, 2024

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If you are a Virginia Beach mama-to-be, and you’re thinking about a dreamy maternity session, keep reading! You probably have a lot of questions about a shoot, or maybe you feel overwhelmed. I’m here to tell you it can be easy, and it is ALWAYS a time you want to document. 

We took these photos in Hampton, Virginia. I love the three distinct looks and locations of this shoot. The sun was basically a paid actor in the field, and it gave us the most beautiful photos. We also couldn’t skip the beach for a laid back, casual look! 

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is when to take maternity photos. I usually recommend between weeks 31 and 35 because your baby bump will be visible, and you’re still probably feeling pretty good. Even if these weeks don’t work for your schedule, this is a really important time to document, and you should book for a different week! I have photographed mamas from 20 weeks all the way to 39 weeks. I don’t suggest planning it that close to your due date, but life happens! 

Another super common question is about what to wear. The most important thing is to wear something you are comfortable in! We will get the very best pictures if you are feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes. Flowy dresses are a wonderful choice because they show movement. The dress in these photos is from Reclamation, and it’s part of my client closet. I have an extensive client closet for you to choose from if you need a little help! You can also always reach out to me with questions about your clothes or if you need a recommendation or two. 

Whether this is your first baby, your fourth, or your tenth, your pregnancy is such a special time, and it deserves to be captured. You won’t regret having these photos, but I can almost guarantee that you will regret not taking them. If you are ready to book your own dreamy maternity session, reach out and let’s get something scheduled!

pregnant mom holds belly under tree during dreamy maternity session
mom to be holds belly as light shines behind by Virginia Beach Photographer
mom smiles under a tree by Nikki Meer Photography
woman's dress flows behind her during dreamy maternity session
sun shines behind pregnant woman outside by Virginia Beach Photographer
a hand holds a pregnant stomach by Nikki Meer Photography
woman holds out skirt of her dress during dreamy maternity session
woman smiles while looking toward the sun and holding her pregnant belly by Virginia Beach Photographer
a woman walks across a field with a flowing skirt by Nikki Meer Photography
pregnant woman walks across field with skirt flowing behind her during dreamy maternity session
mom to be leans against tree looking over her shoulder by Virginia Beach Photographer
woman holds out sweater to show off baby bump by Nikki Meer Photography
mom to be holds belly at beach during dreamy maternity session
mama to be holds baby shoes in front of her stomach by Virginia Beach Photographer
mama to be leans on rocks at beach by Nikki Meer Photography
pregnant woman walks across sand during dreamy maternity session
mama to be leans against pole as she brushes her hair away from her face by Virginia Beach Photographer
mom sits on stool leaning back by Nikki Meer Photography

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