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September 26, 2023

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In August, I had the privilege of capturing a beautiful in-home newborn family session in Virginia Beach. Little Nolan was just about a week old at the time, and it was heartwarming to see this loving family welcome their newest member.

What I truly appreciated about this session was the family’s relaxed approach. They allowed their older daughter to choose her own outfit that she felt comfortable wearing, and she even brought in her tricycle. You wouldn’t believe how much laughter and joy that simple addition brought to the shoot.

This is something I really love about in-home photography as a Virginia Beach photographer. You and your family can be in a relaxed, familiar environment, which is especially helpful for newborn shoots! Instead of feeling stressed or rushed, we truly had a carefree vibe, and the session was so full of love.

As dad worked his magic to soothe baby Nolan, we took the opportunity to capture some tender moments between mom and her daughter. It’s those unplanned, authentic connections that often yield the most heartwarming photographs. These are the memories that they will want to look back on for years to come.

During newborn sessions, I make it a point to focus on those precious little details—tiny feet, delicate hands, and adorable ears. These are the images that parents often treasure most, as they allow them to revisit the early days of their baby’s life. Babies change so quickly, and it can be hard to remember just how tiny those toes were. I focus on capturing the details, so you can always remember how precious they were when they were tiny.

In a delightful twist, the grandparents and even the family dogs joined in for some photographs. That’s the beauty of having your session at home; it allows for a truly authentic portrayal of your life at that moment.

An in-home newborn family session like this one allows you to stay in a comfortable and familiar environment while I capture your newest addition. They help document your family exactly as it is now to preserve memories you’ll cherish for years to come. So, if you’re considering a newborn photoshoot, don’t underestimate the beauty of capturing your family in your own cozy space. It’s where your love story begins, and it’s a chapter worth preserving.

parents hold baby during in-home newborn family session
sister looks at new brother's toes with mom and dad by Virginia Beach Photographer
parents hold baby while dog sits near and daughter rides tricycle by Nikki Meer Photography
girl holds onto dad's leg as she grins during in-home newborn family session
mom and dad laugh together in nursery with new son by Virginia Beach Photographer
dog looks with ears perked up while man and woman hold infant by Nikki Meer Photography
woman laughs as she hugs daughter during in-home newborn family session
infant puts fingers in his mouth while laying in crib by Virginia Beach Photographer
baby boy sucks on pacifier with hands on head by Nikki Meer Photography
baby yawns as he lays in his crib during in-home newborn family session
details of tiny toes and wrinkly feet by Virginia Beach Photographer
big sister looks into crib at her brother by Nikki Meer Photography
dad holds baby in nursery during in-home newborn family session
mom sits on bench in front of window holding new son by Virginia Beach Photographer
woman sits on bench holding son as man leans on wall over her by Nikki Meer Photography
parents stand outside with daughter and new baby during in-home newborn family session
mother holds swaddled boy under a tree by Virginia Beach Photographer
grandparents hold new grandson outside by Nikki Meer Photography

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